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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

"Plastic seems inexpensive because of all the cost to the environment and ocean and animals have been externalised. The thing about single-use plastic is it's actually really inconvenient for our health, for the health of the ocean, for the health of wildlife in the ocean, and on land." (Plastic Pollution Coalition, CEO Dianna Cohen in an interview with Business Insider.)

Truer words have never been said. And guess what? We have movements here within Australia worth mentioning about as they make big steps within our nation.

  • Straw No More, an anti-plastic straw movement by an impressive 10-year-old Molly Steer. Not too long ago, she managed to convince the Cairns Regional Council to remove single-use plastics.

  • The Last Straw, an informative movement aimed towards educating consumers and business owners about the harmful effects of plastic straws when not disposed of rightfully, and alternatives that can be taken.

Anti plastic movement Australia
Plastic waste: One step at a time

At Straw To Straw, our goal is to help Australia move towards a plastic-free state, starting with straws. It's one of the gateway issues that will get individuals thinking about the bigger picture: the global plastic pollution issue. As much as we want that instant switch, we do understand that change takes time. With this chain in thought, we believe that large companies who can afford to make the switch should kickstart the straw switch momentum for smaller business to follow suit.

Our advice of the day: Start Small and Dream Big!

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